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Do you have what it takes to save Unimore Forest?

Eubie the Bumblebee has begun to notice his friends and neighbors becoming sick! While rumor states that it's a result of the mysterious "Hijinx Curse", the small bee is not convinced and has enlisted the help of Detective Duck to help solve the case. Determined to find the cause and stop the spread of this illness, the duo will have to both utilize their special individual skills and work together to save their home.

Players will uncover the mystery of the Hjinx Curse by:

  • Playing as both Eubie the Bumblebee and Detective Duck, character switching as necessary to utilize their respective forest-traversing skills
  • Exploring a variety of areas in an open world environment
  • Solving environmentally built-in puzzles in order to navigate through the world
  • Speaking to NPCs to follow a linear story and discover the true cause of the illness

To be released on PC, Eubie the Bumblebee and Detective Duck's story will prove to be one the whole family can enjoy!


Team Members

Nate Hussey: Programmer 

Robert Highsmith: Puzzle Developer and Programmer 

Alison Brannon: Story and Dialogue Writer 

Nicole Jansen: Character Artist and Animator 

Jen Field: UI Programmer and Music Composer

Chantil Hunt Estevez: Environmental Artist


Official Development Site: 
Official YouTube Channel: 

Feel free to contact us with questions or feedback at: eubiemail@gmail.com


Eubie and Detective Duck LIN 172 MB
Eubie and Detective Duck MAC 169 MB
Eubie and Detective Duck WIN 166 MB

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